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Boston Immigration Attorney | Waltham MA Immigration Lawyer
Immigration Attorney in Waltham MA

Immigration Attorney in Waltham MA

Immigration attorney

Immigration Attorney in Waltham MA Offers Full Range of Services

The immigration attorneys at the Law Offices of Gregory P. Turner help clients by offering a full range of family immigration services including, but not limited to:



Regardless of why you are coming to the United States – for business, travel, or getting married – you will most likely have to obtain a visa to enter the country. Most foreign nationals need a visa, and the type of visa necessary varies depending on your intended purpose of travel and other factors. Working with an immigration attorney in Waltham MA can help you avoid unnecessary delays or complications in obtaining your visa.


Many who come to the United States enter the country to become citizens. Working with a Waltham MA immigration attorney can help ensure there are no mistakes in your paperwork and deadlines are not missed.


Asylum protects foreign nationals who believe they cannot return to their native country. In most cases, asylum is requested after an individual has entered the country and feels they would be in mortal danger if they returned to their country of national origin.

Green Cards

When someone who is not a US citizen but has a goal of living and working in the country permanently can seek lawful permanent residence, this residential status is commonly known as a green card. 


If you face deportation, contact an immigration attorney to help with your case and ensure all the necessary paperwork is filed to stop the deportation process.

Call to schedule an appointment with a Waltham MA immigration lawyer today

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Gregory P. Turner can help file all the necessary paperwork needed for your immigration case. Call our offices today to schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated immigration attorneys.