About the Firm

About the Firm

I will strive to serve you better through

  • Thorough preparation
  • Compassion
  • Creative solutions for difficult situations

After 36 years of civil litigation it was time for a change. That change came when I met my first “Dreamer”, an undocumented immigrant brought here by her parents when she was very young. It was then that I decided to devote my skills as an attorney to helping people.

Helping people penetrate the complexities of U.S. immigration law is only one aspect of top quality legal advice. The best legal advice results from getting clients to tell their story by asking the right questions and then taking care to listen to the answers. In that way, clients can be given the best understanding of their options, empowering them to choose the best way forward.

My entire focus is family and business immigration law. I assist clients and their loved ones in having a better life in this country.