Fiancee Visa: What Documentation Is Needed To Get a Fiancee Visa?


Fiancee Visa: What Documentation Is Needed To Get a Fiancee Visa?

fiance visa and immigration in generalWhen you’ve fallen in love with someone from another country, getting a K1 fiancee visa can be challenging. The fiancee visa will allow your fiancee to legally reside here in the US for a specified amount of time until you marry.

Suppose you’re serious about marrying your fiancee from another country and would like to live in the United States together. In that case, getting started on the K1 fiancee visa paperwork is crucial.

If you’re looking for an immigration attorney in Waltham MA, we can help you get started on your fiancee visa right away. We will provide you with a list of documents and other evidence that will make the petition process as smoothly as possible.

Documentation Need for a Fiancee Visa

Bring all necessary paperwork with you to make the most of your K1 fiancee visa consultation with your attorney. You’ll need the following:

Your (the petitioner’s) proof of American citizenship
Proof of a real relationship, such as timestamped photos and plane ticket receipts, cards sent in the mail, and documentation of your interactions, including that you have met in person
Proof that you meet all legal requirements for the K1 fiancee visa
Proof that your fiancee can be admitted on the K1 visa (no criminal charges, not currently married)
Establishment and proof of identities

When you reach out to your attorney, ensure this information is handy.

Ready to Get Started?

Begin the K1 fiancee visa process today! Don’t keep your beloved waiting.

Gregory P. Turner can review your documentation and advise you on the likelihood of obtaining a K1 fiancee visa for your partner. He can also help you establish a timeline for making your dreams a reality and the budget you’ll need to make it happen. Call us today, and let’s bring your fiancee to the US.