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Marriage Green Card Qualifications | Immigration Attorney Massachusetts
Marriage Green Card Qualifications


Marriage Green Card Qualifications

permanent resident green cardTo continue building your life in the United States, you will either need to start a new career or revive one that you put on hold during your move. But how can you start working again? The solution may be to get a green card through marriage.

Start working on obtaining that important document by partnering with an immigration lawyer Massachusetts. Here at the Law Offices of Gregory P. Turner, we are ready to help if you are planning to take that next step.

What Is a Marriage Based Green Card?

A marriage based green card is one that you should look to secure if you wish to live in the United States. As you’ve probably guessed, you can obtain this form of documentation through marriage. Once it is in possession, you will be allowed to live and work just about anywhere in the country.

This document is an essential acquisition for anyone who intends to live in the United States long-term. You should partner with an immigration lawyer Massachusetts if you are interested in obtaining one as soon as you can.

Qualifications for a Green Card

In order to get your hands on a marriage based green card, you will first need to prepare certain documents. The specific documents required may vary from one case to the next.

However, there are some documents that are often required, and those include:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Current US Visa
  • Proof of Permanent Residence in the US
  • Relevant Financial Documents
  • Relevant Medical Documents

Aside from the aforementioned documents, you may also be required to prove that you lawfully entered the country. You may also be asked to supply documentation that proves that you have not committed any criminal violations.

How an Attorney Can Help

Getting a green card through marriage can be tricky. That’s mainly because there are so many pitfalls you may encounter.

For example, the United States may not recognize your marriage as valid if it was not recognized in your home country. The government may also determine that you lack the financial support necessary to be given a green card. You may also be barred from applying for a green card in the United States if you have the wrong kind of visa.

An immigration lawyer Massachusetts can help you successfully obtain a marriage based green card by securing the documents you will need. They can prepare all your relevant documents before the process even starts.

On top of that, your attorney can also spot potential issues ahead of time. Thanks to that, you will be able to remedy those issues before applying for the marriage green card.

Reach out to us at the Law Offices of Gregory P. Turner if you need help securing your green card. We will guide you through every step of the application process so you can raise your chances of obtaining that important document.