Temporary Work Visas


Temporary Work Visas

sign approved stamp on document to permit and certify for work document and visa at deskThe US State Department outlines the various kinds of visas available to citizens of foreign countries who wish to enter and stay in the United States for a fixed period. There are many kinds of temporary Work Visas. Contact an immigration attorney to learn about which visa is right for you.

What is H-2B Visa?

H-2B visas are for temporary or seasonal non-agricultural work. The current annual cap for awarded H-2B visas is 66,000. These visa holders fill several job vacancies yearly. The largest industry that employs H2B visa USA holders is landscaping. Other sectors include forestry, hospitality, meat processing, construction, and restaurants.

Requirements for an H-2B Visa

Citizens of designated countries may fill out the proper forms at a US consulate office/embassy or with an attorney to become eligible for an H-2B visa. Petitioners will need the following when applying:

  • Valid passport
  • Travel itinerary
  • Travel history if you’ve been to the United States before
  • Resume or CV to show your qualifications
  • Evidence demonstrating their likelihood of returning home

Dependent spouses and minor children can apply for H4 visas to stay with the H-2B visa holder for the extent of their stay in the US.

Obligations of H-2B Visa Holders

H-2B visa holders must return to their home country when their visa expires. These visas are usually issued for a one-year stay in the United States. The same visa is eligible for up to two one-year extensions.

US immigration law is complex. Attorney Gregory P. Turner is an immigration attorney in Waltham MA. He practiced civil litigation for 36 years before transitioning to immigration law. He helps visa petitioners wade through the law’s red tape to assist with all immigration needs. Contact the Law Offices of Gregory Turner today.