Sponsored Immigration: What You Need To Know


Sponsored Immigration: What You Need To Know

immigrationYou may be a U.S. resident looking to help an overseas loved one start a new life in the United States, or you may be an employer looking to bring top overseas talent to the United States. Perhaps, you have been eyeing going to the United States but do not know how.

You may have questions about sponsorship immigration. If so, the Law Offices of Gregory P. Turner can help you. Gregory P. Turner is an experienced Boston immigration attorney who assists clients with a sponsored immigration program.

What Is a Sponsored Immigration?

A sponsored immigration is when a United States resident helps an immigrant become a lawful permanent resident by signing an “Affidavit of Support” and earning a green card. When a sponsor signs an affidavit of support, they are vouching for the person with the green card. This indicates that the person applying is unlikely to become a “public charge.”

The Biden Administration is currently committed to reviewing new regulations published during the Trump Administration limiting who can gain a green card. An immigration attorney Massachusetts – Gregory P. Turner, how you can process a sponsorship.

Who Can Have a Sponsored Immigration?

Foreign nationals can gain sponsorship for immigration if they join families who are permanent residents in the United States. They can also be sponsored to work in the United States.

Immigration sponsorship must be given by a U.S. citizen or permanent resident at least 18 years of age. To file an affidavit of support, you must be living in the United States (including territories and possessions) at the time of filing. The affidavit of support does not need to be filed with your I-130 petition.

Getting Started With Sponsored Immigration

Getting a sponsored visa begins with a US resident filing one of several appropriate forms to begin the immigration sponsorship process. Sponsored immigration can be complicated and require many other requirements and steps. Contact us today to ensure you do the right thing in your sponsored immigration.