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Requirements for Adjustment of Status AOS | Waltham Immigration Lawyer
Requirements for Adjustment of Status AOS


Requirements for Adjustment of Status AOS

adjust status form and green cardThere are several steps to becoming a citizen in the United States. One of these is to obtain a green card. This is done through a change in your profile called Adjustment of Status (AOS).

What is Adjustment of Status?

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, the AOS is a process to apply for a lawful and permanent residency. There’s no need to return to your country of origin to complete the progress. Through the AOS, the necessary steps to obtain a Green Card are performed within the U.S.

Who is it for?

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An AOS is for those who are obtaining a Green Card through:

  • Family
  • Employment
  • Refugee or asylum seeker status
  • Victimization due to human trafficking, abuse, or another crime

Make sure to speak with an immigration attorney in Waltham MA to determine if your situation fits within the AOS qualifications.

What are the Requirements for Adjustment of Status?

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In order to apply for an AOS you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must reside physically in the U.S.
  • You must not have entered the U.S. illegally
  • Your circumstances haven’t changed since you obtained your first visa
  • You can’t be involved in a removal proceeding

How your attorney can help

Waltham immigration attorneys are subject matter experts when it comes to visa and Green Card guidelines. Their intimacy of knowledge helps you to smoothly get through the AOS process. A Waltham immigration lawyer does this by collecting as much information as possible from you. This allows them to see if there are potential blocks toward permanent U.S. residency.

If there are, then the attorneys work with the government to come to a resolution. Normally, this is through discussion or arbitration. However, if immigration authorities are unwilling to change their minds, then attorneys aren’t afraid to take them to court for your freedom.

Do you have any questions about AOS and if you qualify? If so, contact representatives at the law offices of Gregory P. Turner for more information.