F-1 Visas Attorney


F-1 Visas Attorney

f1 visa on a usa flag backgroundThe F-1 visa is a temporary allowance for a student to reside legally in the United States while they attend a seminary, college, school, or conservatory. The F-1 visa process covers people already admitted to approved academic institutions.

Unless you have another type of visa, you will need an F-1 visa to study legally in the U.S. For some, the F-1 visa is the first step on the path to citizenship as it establishes a pattern of positive behavior and educational success.

Gregory P. Turner has a proven record representing immigrants seeking an F-1 visa, also known as a student visa. For a smooth process while you’re preparing to attend school in the United States, retain an immigration attorney like Gregory P. Turner. Gregory P. Turner is an immigration lawyer Cape Cod.

F-1 Visa Requirements

To get an F-1 visa, you have to be accepted into a school in the U.S. Your school must be on the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) list maintained by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Additionally, you must be proficient with the English language, enrolled full time, and live in a non-U.S. country when you apply.

Prove that you can financially support yourself while studying in the country, and prove your intent to return home after your studies are complete.

You must be accepted into your institution of choice prior to applying for the F-1 visa. At this crucial point, you should contact an immigration lawyer.

Cape Cod Immigration Attorney

Your immigration lawyer in Cape Cod MA will help you complete Form I-20, and Form DS-160, and will help you prepare for the required interview at a U.S. consulate or embassy. Your attorney will also help you process the necessary visa fees. Call the Law Offices of Gregory P. Turner today to get the assistance you need in applying for an F-1 Visa.