U Visas Attorney


U Visas Attorney

u.s. visa united states of americaThe United States nonimmigrant visa, or U Visa, is set aside to help and protect victims of crimes and their immediate families. This includes mental or physical abuse while in the United States. However, they must be willing to help government officials or law enforcement in the prosecution of criminal activity.

An immigration attorney in Waltham MA, is available to assist immigrants who fear their future holds and want to be free of continued criminal activity, awareness, or involvement. The crimes include abduction, abusive sexual contact, extortion, domestic violence, blackmail, and more.

The Immigration Attorney Waltham MA will promptly prepare all paperwork, including citizenship applications. If there are problems that could cause complications, the law team will find exemptions that will apply to the specific problem.

The Law Offices of Gregory P. Turner specializes in immigration and helping victims obtain a US visa, allowing them to live in the US for four years, that a judge can extend the time. Gregory Turner is a humanitarian with a sense of humor for making people smile and feel at ease with their situation. He carefully examines all documents and other work to ensure everything is done correctly. He is dedicated to the people he serves and has high ethical standards and principles.

If you have family or friends who are immigrants needing a U Visa, call the Waltham MA immigration lawyer, Gregory P. Turner, to help them be safe, going through the legal process of applications and depositions. Everyone deserves the best fair legal representation possible, even though they are not yet citizens of the United States. The legal status is essential. Get the help needed now.