Obtaining A Fiancé Visa In The United States


Obtaining A Fiancé Visa In The United States

fiance visaNot just anyone can come into the United States and claim a Visa for their fiancé. It is a process that must be conducted under the helpful instruction of an immigration attorney in Waltham MA if that is where one resides. The Waltham MA Visa attorney can check that you are eligible for this program to start, and then they can pull the strings they need to pull to ensure that you receive the proper treatment in the courts.

Who Is Eligible?

You must be a United States citizen yourself and marry your fiancé within 90 days of them arriving on American shores. You must always have met your fiancé in person at least once within the last two years before you filed for them to get a Visa. These are the bare minimum requirements that a   will explain is necessary to meet the standards set out by the federal government.

Can Children Come Too?

The child of your fiancé can come into the United States as well as long as they are unmarried themselves and under the age of 21. The law offices of Gregory P. Turner works on these types of cases all the time, and they always want people to have the opportunity to bring their children along with them whenever possible. Obviously, bringing a child along is a top priority for anyone who might want to come to this country in the first place. It is important that we keep that avenue open to them as much as possible.

Time Restraints

As already mentioned, you have 90 days from the moment they land on US soil to get married. Failure to get married in that time period will result in their permission to stay being revoked. This will not be extended under any circumstances most of the time. The government takes this rule in particular very seriously, and you should try to abide by it so you don’t end up heartbroken.