What is the Visitor Waiver Program?


What is the Visitor Waiver Program?

travel everywhereIf your international travels are only for days not months, then the Visitor Waiver Program might be for you. What is the VWP (Visitor Waiver Program)? Let our staff at Waltham Immigration Attorney direct you.

The Visitor Waiver Program

This is a program that lets citizens or nationals travel to the U.S. whether it be for business or leisure for 90 days, no need for a visa. Of course, you must pass all the requirements first, and your country must also be one of the countries that participate in the Visitor Waiver Program. Not sure if your country is a participating country? A Waltham MA Immigration Lawyer can investigate for you to avoid any snags.


  • ESTA

Aside from residing in one of the countries that participate in the program, you also must have prior authorization with the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization. The ESTA is an internet-founded system. Border Protection and U.S. Customs use it to better see who is eligible to use the Visitor Waiver Program.

  • Valid Passport

Another requirement is to have a legal passport for you and all family members if they are traveling with you. Unless you are exempt by the country-specific agreements. For more details, talk to your US Visitor Waiver Program Attorney. You must, moreover, have an e-passport as well. An e-passport is a passport that features an engrained chip for easy identification by just scanning. Thus, matching the person to the passport.


As stated in the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act, it is stated that nationals of those that live or have visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, or Yemen before or after 2011 cannot travel under the VWP anymore. Visas can still be obtained.

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