What is Asylum Immigration? Do I Qualify?


What is Asylum Immigration? Do I Qualify?

Asylum ImmigrationIf you have been persecuted in your country of origin or have a well-grounded fear of being persecuted, it is possible to seek asylum in the United States. However, the criteria are quite strict. Making your case for asylum will not be easy, which is why you should get an immigration attorney in Boston MA involved from the very beginning. 

To be eligible for asylum under U.S. law, you must prove that you are the victim of a past persecution or the target of a future one. Your persecution must have been based on race, religion, nationality, political option, or membership in a particular social group. You must build a case that connects your persecution to one of these five factors. 

You may even be able to gain asylum on the basis of gender. If you are fleeing from your country owing to the practice of female genital mutilation, forced marriage, or domestic violence, then you can make a claim. Although this area of law is still developing, some women have given asylum on the basis of their gender. 

Persecution is defined as the infliction of suffering or harm that seriously threatens your life or freedom. Death threats, torture, imprisonment, coercion, interference with your family, home life, or correspondence—these are all things that immigration officials will view as persecution. Additionally, the threat against you must exist no matter where you go in your home country. You will not be considered persecuted if you can simply move to another part of the country to avoid the threat to your life and freedom. 

These matters are best handled by a Boston asylum immigration attorney. Gathering the evidence and making the case for your asylum is a delicate process. It is not one that you can do on your own. You should speak to an asylum immigration attorney Boston MA at the Law Offices of Gregory P. Turner.