When to Apply for Citizenship


When to Apply for Citizenship

citizenshipApplying for US citizenship is a seamless process if you hire a Massachusetts immigration attorney. The expert will meet up with relevant authorities and people to process your documents. The good news is that you can get experienced professionals at the law offices of Gregory P. Turner for assistance. Please have a look at the scenarios that you can apply for citizenship.

Conditional Residents

If you have a green card, you will have to wait for five years after your arrival in the United States to apply for citizenship. In addition to that, there is a 90-day rule that you need to follow so that you can start the application. The best approach is to get a professional from the law offices of Gregory P. Turner, who will help you obtain the correct paperwork. The only condition that you need to honor is to reside in the US for at least one year to avoid a lengthy process.

People Married to US Citizens

If you are married to a US citizen, the time is quite less at three years. On that account, the Massachusetts immigration attorney will take you through the options that you have as a spouse. For instance, if you are having a hard time with your partner, the lawyer will help you acquire citizenship on your own. This way, you don’t have to stay in an abusive marriage for the sake of the documents.


Refugees who have sought asylum in the United States also have chances of becoming permanent citizens. The five-year rule applies to them as well so that they can start processing papers. The good news is that you can use the services of an attorney from law offices of Gregory P. Turner to maneuver regulations and permits. What’s more, the expert can assist you in finding a legal job that will put food on the table.