Bond Hearings: What to Expect from Your Case?


Bond Hearings: What to Expect from Your Case?

bonding hearing - gavel in front of american flagIf you have been charged with a crime, one of the first steps in the legal process is a bond hearing. Also known as a bail hearing, this will be held several days after your arrest to determine how much bail money will need to be posted for you to be released from jail. However, since laws vary from state to state, it will be crucial you have immigration lawyers in Waltham MA representing you who are familiar with this process. To make sure you know what to expect, here are some important reminders.

Limitations on Detainment
Once you are arrested and jailed, you cannot be held indefinitely before a bond hearing takes place. In most states, it is no more than one week after being arrested. Unfortunately, you may find yourself where arresting officers pay little attention to this important part of the law. Therefore, once arrested, immediately contact the Law Offices of Gregory P. Turner for legal representation.

Presenting Evidence
Since this hearing will determine if you will even be given release from jail, it is critical you have an attorney who can effectively argue your case to a judge. For example, if you have no prior criminal history, strong ties to your community, and are not considered a threat to you or anyone else, your attorney needs to convey this to the judge during the hearing. Since prosecutors almost always push to keep detainees in jail, always rely on experienced immigration lawyers in Waltham MA for assistance.

If you fail to know your rights as they pertain to bond hearings, police and prosecutors will often take advantage of that and thus have you remain in jail. Rather than let this happen, contact the Law Offices of Gregory P. Turner to make sure you have a knowledgeable attorney who will protect your rights each step of the way.