What is a J-Visa? Should I Apply for One?


What is a J-Visa? Should I Apply for One?

J-VisaThe opportunity to be able to get professional work training in the United States is a goal for many prospective immigrants. Before coming to the U.S. to work, you have to have the proper work visa that will allow you to do so. Visas are separated into categories based on your area of employment. For individuals who work in research or are professors that are looking to get medical or business training, usually through an exchange program, you may consider getting a J visa. If you are eligible, Waltham Massachusetts immigration lawyers can assist you with applying for this visa. A lawyer at the Law Office of Gregory P. Turner will carefully look at your background to determine if you qualify.

Applying For a J-Visa
A J visa gives a professional permission to remain in the United States for the duration of their exchange program. Once the program is over, you are given a thirty-day grace period to travel back to your home country. To be eligible for this type of visa, an applicant must:

-Meet the eligibility criteria set by your sponsoring agency
-Possess English language proficiency
-Be sponsored by a government, private, or university program for the purpose of obtaining training

Once you have been deemed eligible, your sponsoring agency will submit the necessary forms and documents on your behalf to the government. Waltham Massachusetts immigration lawyers will fully describe what information is needed from you and how your case will proceed once you have been selected to participate in the exchange program. Recipients of J visas are also eligible to apply for other visas once they have completed their program and followed all of the rules of the J visa program.

To learn more about the J-Visa and if you should apply for it, contact the Law Office of Gregory P. Turner to have your questions answered.